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Never the Same Auld Lang Syne: How We Made 2017 Count

2017 team

In reflecting on 2017, and then on all the years before it, I’ve developed a new respect for an old cliché. That’s because what I see here at Market Mentors is a clear and genuine trend, and there’s just no better way to describe it: each year truly has been better than the last.

New partnerships, significant internal growth, amazing teamwork and unprecedented community engagement marked an exciting 2017. Because our valued clients are at the center of all we achieve, some of the following highlights may ring familiar to you—and I am incredibly proud to share them.

Market Mentors long has been a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations agency. What we’ve done over the last year, put simply, is become even fuller. We’ve welcomed new talent across several specialties, including content marketing, web development, social media and more, enhancing our capacity to design expertly integrated strategies. Best of all, we continue to do it all under one roof, which is more than just convenient when it comes to building your business. One-stop shopping ensures streamlined collaboration and the ability to organically deploy media campaigns. In short, we’ve got one well-oiled operation—and that’s what drives results.

Growing Strong in 2017

As our team has grown, so has the range of industries we’ve had the opportunity to serve and explore in earnest. One that comes to mind is education, where we’ve proven studious, passionate learners. We led the marketing charge around a brand-new preparatory high school and recently began working with the region’s oldest community college, and “conducted” exciting new publicity around Springfield’s most cherished performing arts tradition. We promoted a national retailer with locations across the East Coast, and we’ve channeled our creative energy into the power supply industry. Our accomplishments include all this and much more, meeting some very inspiring people and establishing dynamic new relationships along the way.

All our efforts are team efforts (no “I” in Market Mentors), and there’s perhaps no better illustration than the 2017 election season. Employing our collective knowledge, ideas and skills to build effective campaigns, we helped lead some highly qualified individuals from early candidacy to well-earned victories. One reaffirming, another locally game changing, these triumphs represent the good things that come from tireless commitment and cooperative hard work.

Commitment to Community

At Market Mentors, community involvement is more than something we prioritize; it’s part of who and what we are. This year, you could find us serving up a Mexican feast for residents of Ronald McDonald House, hosting our 9th Annual Kids Safety Expo at the Basketball Hall of Fame and, as winter approached, partnering with the Salvation Army on its annual Coats for Kids Drive.

Though endeavors like these dot our yearly calendars, the most notable one of 2017 was far from planned ahead. In the devastating wake of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria this fall, we reached out to clients with a proposal to help those affected—and received an immediate, overwhelming response. Together with these generous local businesses, we raised a total of $10,000 for the Salvation Army’s hurricane relief efforts. We already knew the kinds of people we’re proud to call our clients; this experience served to strengthen that.

As we prepare to close out another prosperous year, I am filled with gratitude for everyone who’s been a part of our journey. We look forward to rebranding that old cliché—and making 2018 the best year yet.