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Inside the Audio Studio

Inside the Market Mentors Recording Studio

When meeting the team at Market Mentors, no spin around the office is complete without stopping by the audio studio. If you have ever felt intimidated by a studio setting, consider our recording space the antidote to the cold, dark environs you may have visited in your travels. Inside this studio, you can hide away in a “live” room where, surrounded by acoustic padding, you can take your time to focus and record your message for a commercial, enhance existing audio tracks, compose the audio component of a presentation or what-have-you.

It’s understandable how people might be a bit shy in front of a microphone but I do believe we can alleviate the fear of the unknown with a little sharing.

What to Expect

The studio is an intimate space, accommodating a control room where the equipment is housed and an adjoining booth called a “live room.” This cozy spot provides an inner sanctum to quiet ambient noise and by virtue of design, limits distractions. I encourage the person in the live room to relax and recognize that there is no audience present, no panel of judges to please, so you don’t have to imagine anyone in their underwear!

As your coach and audio tech, I will do my best to put you at ease and work with you to help convey the message you want, the way you want. Bear in mind, your voice-over doesn’t have to be perfect.

Did you take sharp breaths between sentences? Not to worry, I can take those out.

Did you stumble over words? I’ll take that out, too. Just pick up where you left off.

Liked the way you started a sentence in “take 1” but prefer the way you finished the sentence in “take 2?” That’s an easy edit.

You won’t even have to spend time waiting as the work is edited and processed. Once I have your raw tracks recorded, I’ll take it from there. You’ll have done all you need to do


If a project involves recording your voice, there are a few things you may want to avoid consuming just prior to and during recording. For example, soda drinkers will find water is a better choice and coffee drinkers who race after a cup of joe might want to brew a cup of decaf.

  • Take deep breaths. Even if you are not recording, take deep breaths. It’s not only calming but it helps to open your lungs, preparing your body to project your voice.
  • Wear comfy shoes! You will stand to record and you will sound SO much better for the effort.
  • Do you have an idea brewing? Talk to your Market Mentors rep and let’s get started.