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Direct Mail: Success Is in the Details

With the advent of digital and email marketing, many predicted the death of direct mail marketing. Like typewriters, beepers and instant messaging, snail mail was expected to be tossed in the landfill of outdated modes of communication. But while it’s true that response rates for direct mail have dropped some over the last decade, it’s still 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital, according to a Forbes article last year.

Get Noticed

One reason direct mail has remained so effective is that it’s tangible: it is seen and felt, and can be easily saved, reread and even passed along. Direct mail can also make recipients feel special. If you are inviting someone to an event, a mailed invitation is much more personal than an email blast or post on social media; making the recipient feel you really want them to attend.

You want to make sure that what you send cuts through the clutter, both in terms of messaging and visual appeal, but in addition to attention-getting copy and visuals, you need to consider the best format for your mailing.

For example, if you need to convey important information about changes to an account, an official looking letter may be your best bet. This is also true if you are including protected information, as is often the case in the financial and health care industries. On the other hand, a big sale might warrant a flashy postcard with lots of images or a coupon. If you have a lot of information to share, a newsletter or magazine may be the best option, so people have a chance to read and digest the information.

Direct Mail Cost Cutting

Many times, the perceived high cost of a direct mail campaign can serve as a deterrent, but there are many ways we can help you to minimize costs, such as:

  • Using standard-sized postcards and envelopes. Odd sizes and shapes will likely cost more, both in terms of production and postage.
  • Sending a postcard instead of a letter, saving up to 30 percent on postage, and saves you the cost of printing an envelope.
  • Taking advantage of bulk mail discounts.
  • Ensuring your mailing list is cleaned of bad or incomplete addresses and duplicates.
  • Targeting your purchased mailing list by geography, income breaks or other metrics to really home in on your target audience.

One Call Does It All

When you work with us, we can coordinate your entire direct mail campaign from start to finish. From messaging through format and design, printing and mailing, we know the questions to ask, and the pitfalls to avoid.

We’ll help you define your goals and your target audience to create a campaign that reaches both in the most budget-conscious way possible. Contact us today to get started.