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In a Creative Rut? 10 Ideas to Get Unstuck

Suffering from creative block? It happens to the best of us. At Market Mentors, however, our success often depends on our creativity, so we employ a variety of methods to keep our creativity flowing. Here are our top 10:

  1. Lisa T. turns to something creative in a different way, like painting or gardening. One form of creativity often leads to another.
  2. Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of your own way. Laura peruses creative websites to help jog her imagination and approach things from new angles.
  3. Silence is not always golden. Amanda, Shubhada and Sue S. turn up the tunes––just don’t try to get them to agree on what tunes!
  4. You got to move it, move it! Sarah and Shubhada both find dancing helps them relax and loosen up. In the same spirit, any sort of physical activity can help unblock your creative juices. Ashley lifts weights and Lisa G. likes to hit the gym.
  5. A change of scenery can change your perspective, which is why Amanda and Shubhada sometimes take a walk. The fresh air works wonders as well. Michelle often comes up with some of her best ideas while driving (or eating ice cream!).
  6. Group activities can improve the creativity of a whole team, provided it’s something everyone enjoys. We’ve done group paint nights, created succulent gardens, volunteered together to help local causes, and more. Escaping the confines of the office together adds an extra dimension to our work.
  7. Sue S. finds activating her left brain often stimulates her right brain, so she’ll play a quick game or two of Scramble with Friends or Bejeweled Blitz.
  8. Shubhada recommends journaling or coloring––those adult coloring books are popular for a reason!
  9. Our whole team knows that laughter can work creative magic! Our brainstorming sessions can get a bit silly, but we recognize that sometimes even the most outlandish ideas lead to something special.
  10. Wine a little! While we’re not promoting alcohol consumption, your creativity is often unleashed when you are at your most relaxed. Whether that includes a glass of wine, a relaxing bath or shower, or time with family, some down time can result in a boost of creativity.

Still stuck or want help executing your idea? Contact us. That’s what we’re here for!