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Video Production

Video Rules Television remains the king of broadcast media, and YouTube has grown to become the second largest search engine and the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. Video provides an engaging way to bring your brand to life and tell your story. Let us show you how.


Marketing is often used interchangeably with advertising, but marketing is the entire process of promoting your product or services. Advertising is one component of marketing and a part of an overall marketing plan. Beyond marketing lies branding, which is what remains after a marketing effort has been executed. It is the loyalty or perception that results from all your company does and is. But do you want to sift through definitions or would you rather tell us what you want to achieve and allow us to help you attain it?

Marketing Strategy

Who, What, Where, When, but Mostly Why Like any good piece of journalism, your strategy will answer the who, what, where and when of your business, but it really focuses on the why. Truthfully, the why is often the hardest question for most companies to answer, but it’s what allows us to set a strategy […]

Brand Marketing

We’ll work with you to create a brand marketing plan that supports your image, reputation, character and how you are perceived in the market to create a stronger connection with current and potential customers.

Content Marketing

Words and Pictures Creative content extends beyond the written word. It encompasses all the messages you share with your audiences—from advertising to social media and everything in between. Our team knows how to make content sing. Call us and we’ll help you strike the right note.

Blog Content

A regular blog is a great way to grow your business, increase customer loyalty, and build website traffic. Let us create compelling content that will connect you with your audience.

Creative Content

Carry your brand message everywhere through creative content crafted by Market Mentors’ diverse team of writers, designers, and communications professionals.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketers will help you carry on social media conversations that engage your audience and enhance your brand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

What’s in It for You? Besides the satisfaction that comes from helping someone else, your business can reap the benefits of positive press and important community connections. Also, studies show that employees are happier working at companies who allow them to participate in CSR initiatives.


Of Course, We’ll Make It Look and Sound Great, Too! In order to drive results, your advertising needs to cut through the clutter. The average American is exposed to about 30,000 messages per day. We combine our creative content, graphic design and video skills to make your message stand up and sing!

Media Buying

Negotiating, purchasing and managing advertising space to deliver maximum results for clients. Market Mentors’ media buys achieve the highest reach for the dollar. Researched, well-planned media strategies and executions backed by solid data.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising That’s On-Trend Regardless of the format, our creative team creates campaigns that hit all the right notes. We’ll take the time to understand your goals and your audience, and make sure we get the right message to the right people at the right time—whether they’re around the corner, across the country or on […]

Radio Advertising

A staple of broadcast media, radio advertising is a quick and cost-effective means to spread your message. Market Mentors can produce the best strategy, price point, and creative to reach your customers.

Television Advertising

Market Mentors creates compelling television advertising campaigns and offers the experience informed by ratings data to ensure your message is in front of the right audience at the right time.

Print Advertising

Print advertising has a solid place in the media mix, be it a display ad in a magazine or newspaper, a postcard in a direct mail campaign, a colorful brochure or a catalog. Market Mentors will show you how print can work for you.

Digital Advertising

Our experienced digital team can help you develop online advertising, including mobile, social and pay-per-click, that drives consumers to your website to take action.

Mobile Advertising

The number of users accessing the internet using mobile devices has surpassed desktops globally. It’s no wonder the amount of advertising dollars being directed into our smart devices is on the rise. The experts at Market Mentors can help you use this medium to its best capabilities.

Online Advertising

Online advertising, including pay-per-click and search engine marketing, can put you front and center when potential customers are looking for what you offer. We’ll work with you to create an optimized campaign that gets you the results you want.


If you aren’t remarketing to reconnect with potential customers who have already visited your site, you may be missing a valuable opportunity. Let us explain how.

Public Relations

Building Credibility with Public Relations You can say your company, products or services are the best—but what really resonates is when an independent, third-party agrees. That’s why media earned through public relations efforts is often seen as more credible by consumers than paid advertising. Whether you have the budget to use a wire service or […]

Case Studies

Win-Win In addition to highlighting your company’s products or services, case studies also put the spotlight on your customers. This mutually beneficial arrangement can serve both of your interests. If you have customers who love you, this is a great way to sow the seeds to even greater success.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management in Action In the event of a crisis, we’ll work with you to implement your plan and craft a detailed communications plan. We act quickly to help prevent negative consequences, but with extreme care, developing messaging, notifying appropriate contacts and audiences who might be affected, running interference with the media and, when necessary, […]

Press Releases

Press Releases: It’s All in the Pitch With our extensive media connections, we distribute press releases and pitch the media every day. We sell your story. It’s all in the pitch and how the news is distributed to key media influencers. Whether you have the budget for a wire service (a paid distribution service that […]

Graphic Design

Graphic design for print, digital, collateral and more. Market Mentors creates engaging visual communications to convey your message.

Web Design

Web Design from Start to Finish Whether you need us to develop a new website for you from scratch, make updates to your existing site, convert your site to a new platform or just refresh its look and feel, we’ll help you make a great first impression with this highly visual medium.


SEO is Never-Ending Ensuring that your website remains relevant to searches is a never-ending process. While there are several reasons for this, there are two big ones. The first, as mentioned above, is that search engines regularly change their algorithms so that they continue to provide the most relevant results possible. The second is that […]

Web Development

Website development involves design, but also functionality, user experience, architecture, and security. Market Mentors has experienced web designers on staff to develop and troubleshoot websites optimized across all devices.

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