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Crisis Management

Be prepared. Crisis management is something you hope you never need, but the potential is there for nearly every business. That’s why advanced planning and preparation is key.

What Could Go Wrong?

There are many ways crises can impact your business, from natural disasters, employee wrongdoing and human error to business setbacks, technical issues or legal problems. Some, like acts of nature, can’t always be avoided. Others can be disasters if not handled well.

We recommend having a crisis-management plan in place, including a responsive social media policy, so you’re already ahead of the game if something goes wrong. One way to mitigate damage in the event of a crisis is by building up your company’s reputation through good public relations on a regular basis. If your reputation is solid, it makes managing a crisis easier.

Crisis Management in Action

In the event of a crisis, we’ll work with you to implement your plan and craft a detailed communications plan. We act quickly to help prevent negative consequences, but with extreme care, developing messaging, notifying appropriate contacts and audiences who might be affected, running interference with the media and, when necessary, working with legal counsel.

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