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Marketing Strategy

Plan your work and work your plan. At Market Mentors, we don’t develop the plan until we’ve done the marketing strategy. We start by identifying your goals, assessing your current capabilities to see if the goals are attainable, and analyzing what stands between you and the realization of those goals. Then we design a marketing plan that will get you there.

Strategy is the Big Picture

Strategy encompasses the broad view—where are you now, and where you want to be. Strategy, which is conceptual, is what will drive the plan, which is tactical.

Before we brainstorm tactics, we need to ensure your goals are S.M.A.R.T.:
Specific and well-defined
Measurable, so we can track your progress and results
Attainable, challenging, but not out of reach
Realistic, to ensure your capabilities can sustain your desired goals
Timely, to endure deadlines are met and your resources aren’t strained

Who, What, Where, When, but Mostly Why

Like any good piece of journalism, your strategy will answer the who, what, where and when of your business, but it really focuses on the why. Truthfully, the why is often the hardest question for most companies to answer, but it’s what allows us to set a strategy designed to drive consumer behavior—and your results.

    At Market Mentors, We’re All about Results. Yours.

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