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TV Advertising

Tune in. Television is the king of broadcast media. While it’s making huge shifts to adapt and compete in a more complex media landscape, TV advertising continues to be the most effective medium, even against growing digital platforms. Audiences connect emotionally with television advertisements for long-term impact.

Cut Through the TV Clutter

Whether you need a single commercial or a comprehensive campaign that extends across the seasons, our creative pros will help. We’ll make sure you cut through the clutter and stand out from your competition. We’re your one-stop shop for television production. From concepts and story-boarding, through script writing, scouting talent and locations, and shooting compelling high-definition video, we do it all.

While many businesses think television advertising is beyond their budget, you might be surprised at the ways we can keep costs down. Options include  producing shorter, 15 second commercials or using existing footage from other projects.

Take Aim

Considering that Americans average about 5 hours of television per day, it's easy to see how TV advertising produces more media-driven sales than any other medium. Ask yourself, what other advertisements generate the kind of buzz we witness around the Super Bowl? Even with more viewing options today, most Americans still spend the lion’s share of their viewing time watching live TV. This means your message reaches a substantial number of people in a short amount of time.

TV advertising allows you to aim for a broad audience or narrow it down to a select group. For example, ads placed during a local evening newscast reach a broader local audience, while a cable television business show about the stock market targets business-savvy consumers. Whatever your target demographic, our expert media buyers will help you reach it.

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