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Digital Advertising

Get on board, and online. Consider how much time you spend on your computer, smartphone and other devices, and you will understand why online advertising is a billion-dollar industry. We can demonstrate the many benefits of this exceptionally versatile medium, crafting a targeted campaign that will get you the measurable results and conversions you want.

Digital Dexterity

Digital advertising—including online, display, pay-per-click, social and a growing array of other options, like remarketing—allows you to home in more specifically than ever on your key audiences. We can customize options that let you reach people by geography, age, gender, income and even special interests, ensuring your message gets to the people you most want to see it.

New options for digital advertising are constantly being developed and refined. For example, mobile advertising includes options for native, geofencing, display, mobile apps and video pre-roll.

Retargeting—also known as remarketing—is a digital marketing tool that presents a valuable opportunity to engage your audience on a granular level. Reclaiming their attention is particularly effective in developing leads, as well as increasing engagement and the number of return visits to your website. Remarketing also heightens brand recall and the impact of your content marketing efforts.

Because digital advertising can be produced and modified quickly, you’ll enjoy a lot of flexibility to change messaging and promotions as needed. It’s also very trackable, so we can tell you exactly how every dollar you spend is performing, through conversion data. This helps us tailor content and optimize campaigns around your customers’ needs.

Comprehensive Digital Advertising Campaigns

From the keyword research before launching an online ad campaign to creating a productive and welcoming landing page for potential customers, we work with you on all the specifics.

We can identify and manage social media opportunities, define goals and strategies, and create a detailed profile of your ideal customer to maximize your ad spend and create similar audiences to target in future campaigns.

Then we monitor analytic data for efficiency and provide you with regular reports that show you how it all comes together, recommending enhancements as necessary. We have you covered for great content, ad creation, tips and tactics. Let’s get started.

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