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Media Buying: It Pays to Partner with Power

Data and experience drive effective media buying

From toy commercials during your preschooler’s favorite show to an appealing product that appears in your newsfeed, every consumer recognizes the strategic placement of advertising. In some cases, the logic may seem simple—but there’s far more than logic to the art and science of effective media buying.

Even for the business savvy, this can be a complex undertaking. That’s why the most successful organizations leave this specialized task to professionals. As not all media buyers are the same, your single most important media buying strategy is to partner with the right experts.

All Business, No Bias

Every media outlet has its own sales representatives. Naturally, it’s their job to persuade you to advertise with them. This can make it difficult to know whether a particular buy truly makes the best sense for your business. Therefore, the first benefit of working with a seasoned agency is lack of bias; our only incentive is to get you results, driven by nothing but hard data, your desired marketing objectives and our proven know-how.

As the only agency in the market that subscribes to Nielsen Media Research (ratings), combined with the extensive experience of our media buying team, we are your go-to source for effective media plans across all platforms—broadcast, digital, print and OTT.

In addition to our ratings access, we’re a designated Google-Certified Partner. This means we can build and execute an effective digital campaign using up-to-the-minute numbers around trends and performance.

With the assurance of these factors, our clients know the where, when and why of our media buying recommendations are backed by the most comprehensive research possible.

Inside the Data

Having the data in front of us is just a start. We analyze, compare and integrate it to optimize your campaign. To fully succeed in such specialized tasks takes time and knowledge, including an understanding of the changing face of media research.

For example, we’ve stayed in step with the evolution of Nielsen Media TV, who have traded their manual tracking diaries for a modern-day method that takes data directly from cable and satellite boxes (known as Set Box Top or Return Path Data, or RDP, depending on what market you are in). In turn, we have adapted our own methods to ensure ongoing maximal benefit from this data, while watching for shifts in the market that may impact your strategy.

Further, while Nielsen is the most used data system by local and national networks, a few stations use comScore—which uses a completely different methodology. While we continue to make determinations against our Nielsen data, we also look at data from comScore, factoring its qualitative value into our overall recommendations.

Understanding intricacies like these is critical for the most effective media buys, but placement is just the start; we follow your campaign through its lifespan, tracking its performance and actively seeking additional opportunities for visibility and reach.

Beyond the Data

Data is king, but skill and experience are invaluable when it comes to media buying success. We not only know the business inside and out, we know our regional media outlets well. As the area’s largest media buyer, we have established relationships with all the outlets and are keenly familiar with their diverse range of advertising opportunities. We take the load off your shoulders by negotiating, vetting solicitations, tracking, reconciling and coordinating every detail—ultimately delivering an excellent ROI for your campaign.

Technically, anyone can buy media, but not with the efficiency we bring to bear as the region’s media-buying powerhouse. When budgets and results matter, give us a call.