Graphic Design

Communication is the purpose of graphic design while unity is its goal. Our graphic designers use their skills to project an idea, compel the audience to act, tap into an emotion, and impact how the audience values a product or company. Starting to get the picture?

An Introduction

Typography, color, texture, shape, space, and other elements go into every graphic design project which can include words, images, and/or graphic forms to be experienced at once or over a period of time.

Make a Statement

Artwork is central to brand identity and communicating your company’s look and feel. The desire is to craft a positive representation of the brand promise, creating a corporate identity framework. While a logo, business cards, and signs are not the brand, they can carry a visual message and a reinforcement of the company mission or values. The brand identity extends to wherever the customer meets you: your company’s web design, an app, traditional and online advertising, marketing collateral materials like presentations, brochures and catalogs, and displays such as trade show booths, marrying strategy and creativity.

Setting the Stage

Discipline, skill, research, and strategy meet imagination in our design department. Before the fun begins, a brief is shared with the creative team. Critical to any design project is understanding the why and how it is to be consumed. To whom is it directed? What do you want them to learn about you? What action should they be guided to take? We collaborate with you to design and develop visual communications that yield positive results. But then, that is why you came to us, isn’t it?