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Veri Peri: Getting Creative with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022

Pantone describes its Color of the Year 2022, 17-3938 Very Peri, as placing “the future ahead in a new light,” as it “helps us to embrace this altered landscape of possibilities, opening us up to a new vision as we rewrite our lives.” Very aspirational, to be sure!

If you’re lucky, you’ll spot this reflective shade of periwinkle in the sky at dawn and twilight, making it an appropriate harbinger of change. A blue with violet-red undertones, this marks the first time Pantone created a new color for its Color of the Year selection. We asked our designers to weigh in with their thoughts.

Design Perspective

While Designer Dawn Machado likes the color, she notes that it’s on the trendy side. “It could be challenging to use this shade of periwinkle in serious applications for industries like the industrial or manufacturing space,” she said, adding that it could work as a secondary color.

She advised, “When choosing a color for a brand, you want to be able to love the selection for many years. This shade likely won’t stick around past 2022, so unless you are designing something for short-term appeal, you’ll want to stick with something more classic. That said, it would be really fun to design with it for more modern, trendy brands, like fashion. I see it pairing in a cool way with lime green, slate and a darker blue.”

Laura Stopa, senior designer, notes that Veri Peri is very close to our own color palette at Market Mentors, which makes sense in our creative field.

“For our brand, I tend to use a similar brighter purple for an accent color to lighten and brighten things up,” she said. “Very Peri has the stability of blue, but with a twist of red-violet that makes it a bit more playful and creative. Purple has of course been worn by royalty, making it a strong, powerful color.”

Complimentary Color Palettes

When it comes to design, the goal is to put together a color palette that will work across multiple applications. Complementary colors for Very Peri include gold, ochre and olive.

Laura put together these sample color palettes to provide an idea of how Veri Peri can be played up or toned down based on application:

4 Veri Peri color palettes

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