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Nontraditional Recruitment Marketing to Attract New Hires

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Are you struggling to bring in fresh talent to your operation? While this may be frustrating, you’re certainly not alone. As a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations firm, we work with clients in a variety of industry verticals. Each of them is facing similar staffing challenges, but we can help you the way we’ve helped them. In this blog, we’re examining the reasons behind the staffing difficulties and how you can best use nontraditional recruitment marketing to attract top talent.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We are facing the inevitable: a demographic shift as millions of Baby Boomers retire and exit the job market. This mass exodus has been amplified by the millions of people who left their jobs over the past few years amid COVID-19 concerns. There is currently a large gap to fill, so how do you set yourself apart when marketing to the younger generations now entering the job market? It’s not realistic to rely on job boards and classified ads—in today’s climate, creating a robust recruitment marketing campaign through branding and video is a necessity. This “all-things-media” approach will help you target the prospects where they are.

Building Your Brand

Today’s candidates want to know that there will be a connection between them and the organization. They want to connect with real people, not just a brand identity, so show some personality! What makes you interesting? What sets you apart? Focus on these strengths in all your communications, including your website and social media pages. You can also use these channels to showcase your workforce and demonstrate your culture. When employees are happy where they work, they will be more inclined to promote your organization. Feature employees who embody your culture and ask them to share hiring posts on their own channels.

But it goes beyond that: from paid media, to earned media, owned media and shared media, you need to move past the job boards and attract potential candidates from every angle—like broadcast television and radio, billboards, connected TV, streaming radio and more.

Showcase Your Stories Through Video

Did you know more than 694,000 hours of video are streamed each and every minute on YouTube? When it comes to marketing, video is head and shoulders above the competition—just ask The Buggles. You can harness this medium by creating a well-produced corporate overview video that explains why a person would want to work at your business and editing down condensed versions for advertising and social content.

We Can Help

Here at Market Mentors, we are experts at all things marketing. We can help sell your company to prospective employees in the same way you sell your products and services to potential customers. We also can assist with all types of video projects, from long-form corporate videos to broadcast-ready explainers to videos for recruitment and digital use through our on-site studio partner: Level Two Studios. To learn more about our capabilities, please reach out to us today.