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Driving Conversions with an Improved User Interface

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Your website is often the first glimpse into your business. Are you making the right first impression? A good user interface (UI) needs to give visitors a positive user experience (UX), otherwise, they will quickly bounce. In this blog, we’ll explain how we can help you create an improved user interface to drive up your conversion rate.


What Makes a Good UI?

Your UI consists of every visual element that users will encounter or interact with on your website. It encompasses the alignment, the location and hierarchy of elements as well as the overall interactivity and navigation. With that in mind, here are a few basic concepts to improve your interface:

Keep It Simple

When something is easier to learn, it is also easier to remember—and, more than anything, you want your website to be memorable. This is accomplished with an easy-to-use interface that prevents visitor confusion. An average visitor shouldn’t notice good UI; it should operate seamlessly in the background to create a pleasant experience.

Bad UI has the opposite effect. Have you ever clicked a button on a website and it didn’t bring you exactly where you expected? That frustration alone may have been enough to cause you to leave. Don’t overcrowd your pages with icons that look similar but actually direct users to different elements—you don’t want your signal to get lost amid the noise.

Use Visual Weight and Organization to Direct Users

Visual weight is the concept that design elements on your page have varied weights, meaning some can appear ‘heavier’ than others. This conceptual weight is balanced through color, contrast, size as well as other elements to allow you to create a hierarchy of importance that directs users on a preferred path. The aspects that you want your users to interact with, such as your call to action (CTA), should be given the most visual weight.

Organization goes hand-in-hand with visual weight. Your CTA is the end goal for your user—you need to get them across that finish line to become a conversion. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the CTA belongs directly at the top of the page in big, bold letters. You may have information that you want visitors to see prior to clicking the CTA and they may never see it if they have to scroll. The navigation process is like telling a story, you need to build up to the big finale.

Speed and Responsiveness

We all know speed is necessary to the user experience. A fast-loading site is critical to your success—even minor improvements will allow you to lower bounce rates, increase conversions and improve your search engine rankings. In addition to increasing speed, you should also improve your responsiveness. Use a progress bar or a little pop-up response to keep the user engaged and indicate that the request is being processed.

Improve Your Interface

At Market Mentors, we build premium websites to suit your individual needs. We are capable of providing a fully customized design and development process, or providing customizable premium themes if you prefer. If your website isn’t getting the results you’d like, we can help. Our team understands the intricacies of web development to ensure that your site delivers the conversions you need. To learn more, please reach out to us today.