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4 Ideas for Impactful Social Media Videos

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Social media is an amazing tool for showcasing videos to your audience; however, it can often be hard to determine what types of videos will provide the best return on your investment. Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Read on to discover four ideas for impactful social media videos that we’ve identified, and how we can help your business develop an effective social media video strategy.

1. Explainer Videos

Have you ever stumbled across a company and didn’t fully understand what they do or why? Enter the explainer video. Simple and concise, these videos are meant to clearly explain something to a viewer, such as a complicated idea or a service. They can be animated, live-action or a combination of the two, and take a comedic or serious approach. An explainer video helps educate potential customers or clients about your company, acting as a tool to help them make a decision as they evaluate you and your competitors.

Perfect for video websites such as YouTube, explainer videos can also live on other social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Here’s a great example of an explainer video from Dr. Squatch about their body soap.

2. Videos and Case Studies

There’s no better way to promote your company’s services or products than to have a real-life person share their personal experiences. Ask a loyal customer to step in front of a camera to talk candidly about how your product or service helps them solve challenges. If possible, get some footage of them using your product. By showcasing real people who’ve had success with your company’s offerings, testimonials can help generate goodwill toward your brand and convince new customers to choose you over others.

For a B2B success story, you might take a deeper dive by creating a video case study, which illustrates how your company’s products or services solved a real-life customer’s problem. This type of video will present your customer’s problem, how your company helped provide a solution, and the overall and ongoing results of the transaction, ideally incorporating a  testimonial as an integral element. Consider pairing your video case study with a written piece that explains your successful partnership in greater detail. When you show how your company actively works to make your customers’ lives easier, others might be more inclined to begin a relationship with you.

You can cut a long-form testimonial or case study into shorter, bite-sized videos for social media platforms that focus on this type of content, such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Check out this example of a testimonial from video conferencing software giant, Zoom, and a video featuring multiple case studies that we created for contract manufacturer DFF.

3. How-To Videos

When a customer doesn’t know how to use your company’s product or service, they will look to the internet for help. Make sure you already have videos on your social media accounts that provide tutorials. Be simple and concise with your language, and clearly demonstrate the product or service in as few steps as possible so that it is better suited for social media. How-to videos can also be used to help your customers learn new ways to use your products (think of a blender company creating a how-to video on a new smoothie recipe).

A well-produced how-to video will not only leave your customers happy that they learned something new, but it will show them that you are there to help. While how-to videos are extremely useful for those who have already chosen your company over others in the marketplace, they can also reflect positively on your brand to those who are still in the decision-making process. Here’s an example of a how-to video from Swiffer on how to use their Swiffer Sweeper.

4. Thought Leadership Videos

Blogs about industry topics can be great to build your brand as a leader in your field. However, videos spearheaded by knowledgeable (and passionate) employees about these same topics can help your brand speak to younger audiences in a more engaging way on social media and your website.

Whether you choose an interview or conversational format, these videos can help build a stronger community among your audience and keep people coming back to learn more. Positioning your company as a thought leader will help you garner new business over time and reinforce to your existing customers that they made the right choice when they chose you. Consider making these videos as short and concise as possible for easier social media sharing and to inspire engagement. As an example, check out this video by HubSpot in which they talk about recent Airbnb news and tie it into what they do best—marketing.

Let Us Build Your Business’s Social Media Video Strategy

Convinced that social media video marketing is the right move for your business, but don’t have the expertise to start? We do! Our experienced team will work with you to develop an effective social media video strategy for your business that will drive results. If you need a state-of-the-art production studio to create your video content, our partner, Level Two Studios, offers the optimal environment for professional, full-scale video production and photography. Contact us to get started.