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Full Coverage: Electronic Press Kit Essentials

press kit essentials

In most cases, press kits have moved from paper to electronic versions. Their purpose is to make it easy for reporters to quickly find information about your company, products or services. Not only does this make their job easier, but it helps ensure the accuracy of the story overall, which benefits you.

Since most journalists are now online, having your press materials online makes good sense—and it’s easier for you to keep it up to date. Here, we explore some press kit essentials.

Press Kit Essentials

Company Background. Think of this section as your elevator speech. Briefly describe and define the who, what, when, where and why of your business. Detail what sets you apart from your competition.

Management & Staff Bios. Provide bios of members of the leadership team or those available to participate in interviews, speaking engagements or other media events.

Important Press Releases. Include your most newsworthy or exciting press releases (preferably nothing older than 6 months). If you are featuring a particular product or special at a tradeshow or other event, consider adding a press release about it to your press kit to drum up foot traffic or press coverage. Tout your corporate social responsibility efforts as well.

Products/Services Fact Sheet(s). Outline the most important features and details of select products in short, bulleted lists. Also include pricing, where/how to purchase, and any differentiating product attributes that set your product—and company—apart from the competition.

Graphics. Have a selection of approved photos, videos and graphics that reporters can download. It not only makes their job easier but increases the visibility of their final stories, which is good for you.

Safety or Installation Data Sheet(s). If relevant to your product or industry, include basic safety guidelines or installation instructions that everyone should know about—best in a bulleted list or written succinctly, with pictures, if possible.

Case Studies. Showcase the effectiveness or success of your product or service to the media by showcasing real-word stories and testimonials. Include the problem, solution and results.

Industry Awards & Accolades. Share awards or accolades that underscore your company’s or product’s importance in your field, or that position the company as a thought leader.

Contact Information. Make it easy for anyone who wants to get in touch with you. Clearly list staff contacts with their titles, phone numbers and email addresses. Be sure to designate a press person so reporters have a clear point of contact.

We’ve Got You Covered

If you need help creating or updating the press kit essentials on your website, you can count on our expert public relations professionals to get the job done. Contact us today to get started.