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Branding 101: More than Words

Branding 101 includes mission, vision, values


Those who know me, know two things to be true. 1. I love writing and helping to solve problems for our customers. 2. I also unapologetically love 90s music. In this blog, I’ll bridge the two with a Branding 101 crash course with some music video links tossed in for good measure.

To some, branding starts and stops with a logo and tagline. To others (and if you’re not in this group yet, you soon will be) branding extends much further, into written elements. But make no mistake: branding is More Than Words. The right mix of elements, executed properly, can help to inspire and guide groups to action.

What elements do I mean? For the purpose of this blog, we’ll define and discuss mission and vision statements, value propositions and boilerplates. If you’re more interested in learning about visual branding elements or ways to use advertising to communicate your brand, I invite you to peruse past posts on these topics.

Brand Basics

So, what are mission and vision statements? You’ve surely heard the terms, but are you feeling Torn about how they differ? You Oughta Know that each serves a different and distinct purpose.

Mission statements describe who you are and what you do. Vision statements, on the other hand, are aspirational, describing where you want to go. Written with impactful language, both can be adopted by internal groups, like employees or volunteers, helping each to Believe in the organization and the role they play in advancing sales, campaigns or overall growth.

A value proposition takes elements of your mission and vision statements and repackages them in a way to speak to and entice customers to favorably view and interact with your organization. It answers “Why”—Why are you the best option? Why should customers Only Wanna Be With You? Value propositions are concise and use words that explain the value you bring to your customers.

Boilerplates round out press releases. They are a bit longer than value propositions but have roughly the same purpose: they make you look like an All Star in the eyes of members of the media. In addition to defining your purpose, they give a glimpse into your history and help establish members of your team as subject matter experts.

While some may argue that the above are nice-to-haves and not must-haves, we’d like to point out that mission statements, vision statements, value propositions and boilerplates all have their place in business plans. Setting out with intention and purpose and defining these elements can set the tone and direction for organizational growth. The act of sitting down and crafting each also can help to shed light on any missed opportunities or ways in which competitors are defining their organization and offerings.

Now What?

If you have an updated mission, vision value prop and boilerplate, we want to Praise You. But if you have elements that Don’t Speak to your brand, we hope you’ll reach out and contact us for some help. We promise that the language we develop will help you make a Connection with internal and external audiences and the process will be Smooth.