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Pro Tips: Making the Most of an Adult Snow Day

Laptop at home on snow day

Snow day! Music to a child’s ears, but not always to an adult’s. Unless, perhaps, you are fortunate enough to have the type of job—and the type of boss—that allows you to work from home. While being able to work from home during a snowstorm or other weather emergency is a lovely perk to have, it’s also an opportunity and a privilege.

Without as many distractions, you may find yourself better able to focus, and may even get more accomplished than when you are in the office. This is a huge opportunity to:

  • Catch up on correspondence. If, like many of us, you find your inbox is full to overflowing, use this day to address it. This includes both your virtual inbox and your physical one. Ditch the junk. Respond to anything you can take off your plate quickly. Sort, file and delegate.
  • Organize your notes and your thoughts on a project. Had a lot of meetings with little time to breathe in between? Review your notes and write recaps. Follow up on anything you promised to do.
  • Brainstorm! A change of scenery (and working in your pajamas) can provide you with a different perspective. If you’ve been stuck creatively, this may be the perfect time to approach a challenge from a new angle.
  • Learn something new. Is there something you can learn to do online to make you more productive at work? Chances are you can learn how to do it while you’re home, thanks to Google, YouTube or online learning programs like

Be a Pro, Even on a Snow Day

Keep in mind that while a day working from home may be more relaxed than a day in the office (you are in your PJs, right?), it’s still a work day if you’re getting paid. Show your boss you know what this means:

  • Check in. Let your boss or your team know what you’re working on. You should have something to show for your time at home.
  • Be responsive. Show your team or your customers they can still count on you—answer your phone and messages promptly.
  • Be honest. Talk to your boss about your circumstances. If you have small children to entertain and supervise, or if you spend a significant portion of the day on tasks like snow removal, it’s better to take time off. You want your boss to be able to trust that when you are working from home, you’re really working.
  • Express your appreciation. Many people, like those in hospitals, public safety or other industries, can’t stay home to work in a snow storm. But if you can, and your boss allows it, be sure to say thanks.

Our hard-working team at Market Mentors always does its best for our clients, no matter the weather. If we can help you, let us know.