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Don’t Overlook Onboarding!

Blog Contributor Ashley LaRocque

In doing a bit of digging for this blog post, I found some staggering stats via the Harvard Business Review. Nearly 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job and 23% of new hires turn over before their first anniversary. Wait, what?! How might you prevent this from happening within your company? Effective onboarding.

Onboarding can be overwhelming, so it is important to first focus on getting across high-level milestones to your new hire. Sure, there are required forms to fill out and fellow employees to meet, but if you don’t get across your company’s story, culture and long term goals in the beginning of the onboarding process, you stand the chance to lose your
most recent hire.

Onboarding IllustrationWell organized onboarding not only improves employee performance, but it helps reduce employee frustration, sets up clear expectations and leaves the new hire feeling empowered and ready to get to work.

What are some simple, high-level ways in which to engage your most recent hire? Try to incorporate the following:

  • Set them up: Get their space ready and ensure they have all they need to hit the ground running. Having a space to call their own will also help boost their confidence!
  • Meet the gang: Get your new hire acquainted with those they will be working with – but make it fun! Research some out of the box icebreakers or have a company lunch to welcome your new hire. Remember: finding ways to emphasize your company culture is a good thing!
  • Minimize questions/stress: New hires (like myself) will have a million questions. Try mapping out a daily schedule for their first few weeks. Have them interview key employees (psst: provide guiding questions), cover processes and procedures, provide a FAQ sheet and make yourself available and approachable. You had a first day on the job once – what would you have liked to know?
  • Set goals and check-in often: Gratitude, checking-in and asking, “How are you doing? Is there anything you need?” will help new employees feel both seen and heard. Setting goals and objectives helps to reduce ambiguity and will allow the new hire to focus on what is expected of them.

According to the Aberdeen Group, 90% of new hires decide to stay or leave a company within their first six months – so make sure your onboarding process is on point to retain that great new talent!