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Summer Olympics is Advertising Gold

Summer Olympics is advertising gold

Ads for the biggest game in football may get the headlines, but what event trounces it in viewership and advertising potential (especially in years when the Patriots are absent)? Say konnichiwa to Tokyo, host of the 2020 Summer Olympics, and the backdrop to riveting competition and dramatic personal stories. Summer Olympics is advertising gold for businesses, and here’s why.

NBC expects a blockbuster year in advertising sales, well above the numbers for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. That year, the network and its cable partners garnered 26 million viewers, with more than one-quarter of televisions at the time tuned to the games.

And that’s just television. According to Google, over 60 percent of YouTube’s 2016 Olympics watch time came from smartphones and other mobile devices. From April through June of that year, sponsors’ ads garnered the equivalent of 400 years of watch time. And the number of viewers of video on mobile devices keeps building, year after year.

Medal-Worthy Benefits

For advertisers, there’s plenty more to like about the Olympics:

  • The real-time performance aspect discourages commercial skipping.
  • As a 16-day event spanning multiple hours a day, the games offer countless opportunities to build brands through storytelling and repetition across multiple formats. You can expand a viewer’s exposure to—and boost their recall of—your business.
  • At a time of increasing fragmentation of platforms and audiences, the Olympics unite a broad viewership. An entire country roots for Team USA. That’s a lot of demographics.

The games begin on Friday, July 24. We have surveyed many of the available advertising packages and recommend that our clients act now to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact us today and bring home the gold for your business this year.