Tornado coming?


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Supposedly a tornado is on the way to the area. So I’m actually writing from under my desk at the moment.

Benson visited us today (see above). Say hi 🙂

Still getting ready for the Safe Kids Summer Event (we posted a new website for the event today!) on Saturday. We are expecting a really big turnout this year. The MyCHIP program does an awesome job, 94.7 WMAS has been a huge help in promoting the event each and every single day (have you heard the promo yet?) and all our sponsors have been awesome. So, thanks to everyone for your help!

There’s also a really cool networking event happening on October 28th this year. It’s at the Basketball Hall of Fame as well, from 5pm-8pm and is being put on by a group named OnBoard. They’re a non-profit group looking to help local businesses and organizations expand their board governance with experienced and qualified individuals, with a focus on diversity. There will be about 20 participating organizations at the event, looking to increase their board size. They will each have a table with a representative or two, some promotional information and a sign-up list. Attendees will have time to sit with up to 8 organizations for about 10-15 minutes each. Reps will have the chance to speak about who they are, what they do and what they are looking for in board members. If attendees are interested, they can sign up to receive more information or conduct a formal, personal interview after the event, (it’s really up to the organization how they would like to follow up with interested parties). On the sound of the basketball buzzer, individuals will move to the next table of their choice. The networking hour will start around 7:00 with a full cash-bar, appetizers and desserts.

So, if you’re interested in serving on a board, volunteering within the community, increasing your resume significance, or simply networking within the Greater Springfield area… OR if you are apart of a company that’s looking to grow your board, contact us! Or you can also visit the OnBoard website.

That’s all for today, folks.

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