Thinking ‘Inside the Box’

Kelly McGiverin

Creative Concept Goes Viral

Kelly McGiverin, Account Coordinator

If you have not yet watched Kmart’s ‘Ship my Pants’ commercial, you have to! Not only will it make you ‘ship your pants’; it could also spark your creative side, as it did for Alf Zapata, an advertising student that landed an internship at Kmart’s ad agency.

We had just finished a meeting at work when I read this article. We had been discussing just what he did, ‘how to leave a lasting impression.’ The first word out of my mouth was ‘GENIUS’!

You see, a successful advertising campaign must stand out. Kmart accomplished this by adding a comical approach to their commercial. Alf accomplished this by acknowledging their creative approach and using it to land his internship.

You might be asking “how does one accomplish this?” or saying “I am not creative enough.” My response to those thoughts; “Connect who you are trying to impress with what you are doing.”…Yes, it’s THAT simple.

Take a minute to watch the commercial and read this article and I guarantee that you will come up with a great idea to make a lasting impression.

Think about it, who would have thought that a simple catchphrase of ‘ship my pants’ would land over 17 million views on YouTube alone?