The 6th Annual Kids Safety Expo July 26th, 9:00a–12:00p

2014 Kids Safety Event Coming Soon

A must-attend for parents and kids of the Pioneer Valley

Robyn Lee, Account Coordinator

Shriners Clowns

Summertime. For the majority of kids, it is the absolute BEST time of the year. I remember how much I loved it; school’s out, the sun is shining, and eight weeks of solid, carefree, play-time and lounging begins. I’m sure for a parent it’s a whole different ball game. Thoughts run rampant with the typical concerns about the well-being of their child during neighborhood playtime. “Do they know how to get back okay?” “What if something happened?” “Dinner’s getting cold; they should have been home 20 minutes ago!” We’ve been conditioned as a society to always contemplate the worst possible situation.


DNA Cheek Swabs

Parents, what if we could take some steps to help put your mind at ease?  Let us help share the responsibility. Market Mentors and many other local businesses are providing resources to help you keep your kids safe this summer. Our annual Kids Safety Expo is in its 6th year at the Basketball Hall of Fame and continues to grow. Alongside 94.7 WMAS, Sports Radio 1450 The Hall and MYCHIP (Masonic Youth Child Identification Program), the Kids Safety Expo has become the must-attend, annual event of the summer for parents across the valley. We want to help ensure child safety by offering free services that include fingerprinting, DNA cheek swabs, dental impressions, and a recorded interview with your child that can be easily distributed to the law enforcement and media in the event of an emergency.

This event is far from mundane! Along with these life-saving programs, you will find the Shriners clowns in attendance, K-9 Units, the Springfield police and fire department, the Bridgestone/Firestone racecar simulator, courtesy of City Tire and free bike helmets from Libbos Law!

Tom Libbos

Thomas M. Libbos, Event Sponsor: Libbos Law

Summer safety doesn’t have to be dull or boring, it can be fun and exciting; let Market Mentors along with several other gracious sponsors show you! The Kids Safety Expo offers services that help put parent’s minds at ease and children’s minds at play with the plethora of stimulating and priceless activities.

We can help make your summer safe, stop by the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield on July 26th, from 9a–12p. Free parking and admission. Helmets only available to the first 500 kids and are offered in all sizes!

What you can expect:

  • Bike Safety
  • Free Bike Helmet from Libbos Law
  • Fire Safety with Springfield Fire Department
  • Fingerprinting
  • Video Taped Interview with Child
  • Cheek Swab
  • Dental Impressions
  • Stranger Danger Information
  • Firestone Racecar Simulator
  • K-9 Demonstration

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