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Kevin Jack

Kevin Jack
Digital Advertising Specialist

Serious and soft-spoken, you’d never expect Kevin, our digital advertising specialist, to get overly animated. But ask him about how a campaign is performing or to offer insights on the latest digital marketing news, and you’ll see a different side of him. It’s evident in these interactions that he’s found his calling and truly enjoys what he does—helping clients and co-workers alike realize success.

Although we haven’t yet tagged along with him during any of his outdoor adventures or road trips to Philly or New York, we expect that those who do, experience something equally enjoyable and strategically planned. A graduate of Temple University and holding Google Ads and Analytics certifications, Kevin capably plans, executes, optimizes and reports on digital marketing campaigns for clients across a gamut of industries. With his education, experience, drive and equal parts left- and right-brained thinking, he’s able to help clients across the gamut of industries reap the rewards of his efforts. Could you be next?