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Amy Breguet

Amy Brequet
Amy Breguet
Senior Content Marketing Specialist

If you live in western Massachusetts and have watched television or driven on any major thoroughfares, chances are you’ve taken in the work of Amy Breguet. While her official title at Market Mentors is content marketing specialist, “writer extraordinaire” would perhaps be more fitting due to the extraordinary copy she consistently produces. Primarily responsible for penning television and radio scripts and copy for outdoor and print advertisements, Amy also capably writes press releases, blogs and editorial features for our clients.

Outside of work, Amy Breguet channels her creativity a bit differently, singing in a local, all-women a cappella group, In Close Harmony. When not writing or singing, Amy enjoys watching The Walking Dead with her faithful viewing companion, son, Casey, and spending time with her husband, Charlie; daughter, Hope; and youngest son, Joseph. Though it hasn’t happened to date, we wonder if she’ll write her group or family into a future script? Listen to your local advertisements to find out!