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Recipe for Effective Advertising

Ingredients: Your company or brand Market Mentors Grease elbows thoroughly; brainstorm and consider our top five tips: Define what you want the ad to accomplish  Define your target audience Answer the question: “What’s in it for the customer?” Declutter your messaging Make an authentic offer or call to action Advertising is everywhere. This article by Bloomberg Businessweek highlights some extreme places that businesses are now considering to compete for your attention — among the most unusual: eggs with logos and... Read More

Need a Quick Lesson in Punctuation? Get in Line.

Em-dash Take a look at the line I just used.  It’s called an em-dash, and it’s used to emphasize an abrupt change in thought, a pause, or an interruption. Here are a couple of examples: “I’m getting twice the gas mileage with my new car that I got with my old car.” Okay, you’ve made a point about your car. Now, suppose you think of something else that’s notable about the car, but completely unrelated to gas mileage: “I’m getting... Read More