Summer of the Cubicle

Candace Kasper

Starting out as the summer intern for Market Mentors

Candace Kasper, Intern

Sometimes internships get a bad reputation. Disgruntled college students emerging from their cubicle-clad lifestyles who can now recite the coffee order of everyone from their office, tend to taint the reputation of the coveted summer internship. These bitter intern jokes should be taken with caution however, since 86% of interns report they had a positive job experience. So when I first learned about my opportunity to become an intern at Market Mentors for the summer before my sophomore year of college, I was thrilled and did not have images in my head of being placed in some supply closet, with a list for coffee a mile long.

Infographic courtesy InternMatch; full graphic available on Mashable

Infographic courtesy InternMatch; full graphic available on Mashable

I was ecstatic at the chance and immediately replied with a nice and subtle, “YES!!” It seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain valuable work, life, and career experience. I saw it as the best chance to really gain insight into the field of communications, which is something I’m extremely interested in. Plus, anything beats my previous job of working at my town’s local bowling alley. Glamorous? You bet your size 8 ½ foot it was. But somehow I think Market Mentors will beat working until 2am on a Saturday night spraying disinfectant in smelly bowling shoes, but that’s just the intern’s opinion.

The core reason why this internship opportunity seemed like the greatest way to spend my summer is because of the first-hand experience it offered me to really learn about this particular field of work. The types of services that Market Mentors offers here are exactly the types of things that truly spark my interest. Being able to intern at a place like this, and see what it’s all about before I’m handed my diploma, heck even start my second year of college, is an incredible opportunity and something that I’m very grateful for.

So what do I want out of this? Well since I’m not going to be named account manager anytime soon (I am just an intern, remember) I would say that the two main points to my internship would be learning and experience. Learn anything and everything about advertising, marketing, public relations-you name it, I’m open to hearing about it. I’ve probably learned more about the communications industry in my short time here than I did for a whole semester in college. That just goes to show that textbooks, flashcards, and scribbled lecture notes only take you so far. Nothing beats on-the-job experience that an internship gets you. It’s a vital part of understanding, and you can’t fully learn without it. So that’s why I sit here in my cubicle every day.

I’ve only been interning for a short time so far, but I’m determined to understand and expand my role here at Market Mentors. I hope to continue to learn what’s expected of me and how I can become a helpful, useful, and effective intern. So far everyone has been extremely kind, helpful, and welcoming. They seem like some of the best people in the business and I can’t wait to see what they have to teach me! I’m looking forward to carrying on my internship and diving into the world of marketing, PR, and advertising. Bring on the summer. And those Excel spreadsheets.

[Which, I should add, I’m happy to do.]