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Corporate Social Responsibility

Take action. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) offers a wealth of benefits, to you, your company and the people and causes you help with your efforts.

Make Corporate Social Responsibility Part of Your Plan

Many consumers are now considering factors beyond price when deciding with whom they want to do business. They are more likely to buy into brands whose values mirror their own, and who demonstrate a sense of CSR. Not only does it make good business sense to support community growth and development, but it’s the right thing to do.

Your CSR efforts can be as grand or as simple as your business allows. Some ideas:
• fundraise for a local, regional or national cause, or donate on behalf of your company
• serve as a collection station for charities soliciting donations of food, coats, toys, etc.
• make in-kind donations of your products or services
• volunteer your team’s time and expertise for a cause
• form a team for local fundraising events

Think about causes that are important to you, your employees and your customers. We’re always happy to help with ideas. Let us show you how to incorporate CSR into your marketing plan.

What’s in It for You?

Besides the satisfaction that comes from helping someone else, your business can reap the benefits of positive press and important community connections. Also, studies show that employees are happier working at companies who allow them to participate in CSR initiatives.

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