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Radio Advertising

Be heard. Despite many of the latest music streaming options, internet radio and terrestrial radio continue to compete for your attention in all the familiar places—the car, at home and work, your jogging route and the beach—making local radio advertising a strong contender. According to Nielsen Audio, among media, radio advertising boasts the top spot for reach.

Radio Resonates

Radio advertising’s flexibility, relatively modest cost in some markets, and ability to speak to a local, targeted audience means small, local businesses can enjoy recognition, affordably. As a component of a multi-channel advertising campaign, it creates a more receptive audience for your brand.

Whether you are promoting a special sale, getting the word out about coming events, or simply want to let the local market know what you offer, you can count on us from start to finish with creative scripts, voiceover talent, music and sound effects; as well as expert production, including our own in-house recording studio.

Commercials are quick to produce and put on the air. Coupled with the relatively low cost to advertise, radio advertising is a budget-conscious contender for your media mix.

Be Heard

Your radio advertising plan may include 30 second commercials or a combination of sponsorships, promotions, and messages depending on your goals.

Many terrestrial (AM/FM radio) stations also now stream live on the internet, reaching local and national audiences. There is an added plus in having online listeners in a position to act immediately if they like your radio ad. With those listeners just a click away from your site, you can see results faster than ever.

One of the big advantages of radio advertising is the ability to target a specific audience through the different radio formats, such as classic rock, news/talk, or by formats that target audience segments like “soccer moms.” Our expert media buyers will home in on your key demographic audience and profiles, so your message is heard by the people who count.

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