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Print Advertising

Find the right words. Despite dire predictions of its fall, print advertising is still alive and well, earning a solid place in a comprehensive media mix. Whether a display ad in a magazine or newspaper, a postcard in a direct mail campaign, a colorful brochure or a catalog,  research shows that print advertising is better absorbed and remembered. In fact, consumers are better able to associate brands with print advertising messages.

Put It in Writing

Print advertising allows consumers to slow down and focus on information in a way that is unmatched compared to online, television or radio advertising.

Print ads and materials let your audience read and reread your message, and save it for future consideration. You have the luxury of providing more detail and information about your products or services, painting a more complete picture for interested buyers. This improves both brand favorability and purchase intent.

Words and Pictures

Regardless of the form your print advertising takes, you can count on us to combine the right words and images to make your message sing. Our writers create compelling content with a strong call-to-action. Then our graphic designers make sure it will catch the eye of your target audience.

Once your ads are ready to shine, our media buyers get to work to develop a plan to ensure your message is placed in the right publications. Print can help boost your results when used in combination with one or more media platforms as part of an integrated campaign. It's the quiet hero in getting maximum reach and ROI for your ad campaign. We’re happy to show you how it’s done.

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