A Refresher Course in Customer Online Reviews

Blog Contributor Amanda Moyer

Amanda Moyer, Director of Account Services

You may have read our blog about online reputation management back in 2014, since it has been a few years we thought a refresher blog was needed.

In the digital era, a review online can be very impactful to both businesses and customers. These reviews not only influence the ways in which business owners manage their staff, but also which businesses a customer chooses to support.

In a recent Zendesk survey, 90 percent of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced the customer’s choices, while 86 percent said their decision was impacted by the negative reviews left online.

There are many websites where customers can leave reviews including: Facebook, Google, Yelp, Twitter, Company Websites and many more.

The truth is both positive and negative reviews can directly influence businesses and customer’s decisions on which business to frequent or even try for the first time – here are a few tips to get customers to review your business online in a positive light – besides the obvious task of providing excellent products and customer service:

  1. Ask your customers, simply ask your customers to provide a review of your service, as long as the service or product provided is of value, they won’t be annoyed if you ask for a review.
  2. Make it easy, while negative reviewers will seek out ways in which to review your company, the average customer will not go out of their way to review a business. Provide a link in your newsletter, on your website or create a Facebook page for customers to provide reviews.
  3. “Thank you” goes a long way. If you are able through your website, Facebook, or any other platform – simply thank your customers for the reviews. Staying engaged on social media and online is essential.

Reviews are not a one-way street. If you actively give reviews online here are a few guidelines for leaving reviews:

  1. #Communicate, if you are at a place of business such as a restaurant and unhappy with the service, ask to speak with the manager. Do this instead of waiting to get home and behind the computer. Confronting the manager will help to ensure the next customer is not dissatisfied with their experience and you may even get something in return.
  2. #SharingIsCaring, if you have a positive experience, share it with the world. Doesn’t everyone love some positive reinforcement once and awhile?
  3. #PracticeWhatYouPreach, if you are a business owner and want people to leave reviews for you – leave reviews for others as well. Go through the effort of establishing a login to review sites and start reviewing other businesses today.

We live in an era where we rely mostly on the internet and our smart devices. If you are a business owner there are a few simple ways you can increase your reviews online. Additionally, if you are a customer make sure to not only share good reviews, but approach the management of a store or restaurant if you are dissatisfied.

At the end of the day, behind those computers are real people, just like you and me, who would love the opportunity to hear they are doing well or hear where their business needs improvements.

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