Press Releases

Do you want to integrate public relations into your marketing strategy? If you’re ready to see your company news in the paper, online, or part of a television or radio news segment, it starts with a press release. These documents tell your story in a very specific format and style. Market Mentors distributes press releases every day, share your story with us and we’ll put our expertise to use for the formatting, style, and distribution.

We Are Wordsmiths

Not only are press releases written in a specific way, they also require a bird’s eye view of the news. It’s hard to limit industry jargon and technical terms when you work in the industry day-in-and-day-out. Additionally, press releases come with their own lexicon — for example, it’s important to include a “boilerplate.” Not sure where to start? Market Mentors has been crafting stories to spoon-feed the media for more than a decade. In fact, many of our staff members are journalism and communications graduates that know the industry better than anyone else. That’s why our press releases have generated news in key industry trade publications, top-tier press including The Wall Street Journal, as well as television and radio segments. We can help you refine the story so it’s easy for a reporter to understand the intricacies of your business and your story.

Content is King

In this digital era, visuals and engaging content like videos and infographics significantly increase “pickup” of your story. That means that when we send a press release to the media with a visual, they are more likely to publish or cover your news. As a full-service agency, Market Mentors can help you create content that supplements press releases for the best return on investment and deliver results.

It’s All in the Pitch

Just like your sales team, our PR department is tasked with selling your story. It’s all in the pitch and how the news is distributed to key media influencers. Whether you have the budget for a wire service (a paid distribution service that sends your release to journalists that opt-in to receive news about certain topics) or need us to pitch the media using our connections, we distribute the news on your behalf. We even have connections that regularly reach out to us for sources and we’d love to share your news when they call.