Crisis Management

Crisis management is something we do well. And something we hope you never need. The reality is there are many ways crises can impact business, from natural disasters, employee wrongdoing, and human error to business setbacks, technical issues, or legal problems. Some, like acts of nature, can’t always be avoided. Others can be disasters if not handled well.

Planning Ahead

The best way to mitigate damage in the event of a crisis is by building up our clients’ reputations through good public relations on a regular basis. We recommend our clients have a crisis-management plan in place, including a responsive social media policy. There is no way to stop people from talking online, but if your reputation is solid, it makes managing a crisis easier. Market Mentors is also prepared to act as a spokesperson when appropriate and/or help you craft messaging for key leadership. By serving as the client’s voice or providing guidance, Market Mentors is able to control the messaging and keep it consistent… so there is no additional crisis after the crisis.


At Market Mentors, we have exceptional communications specialists and excellent relationships with the media. If something goes wrong with a client’s business, we act quickly to help prevent negative consequences. Even when speed is of the essence, we make sure no one acts in haste. We move swiftly, but with extreme care, crafting messaging, notifying appropriate contacts and audiences who might be affected, running interference with the media and, when necessary, working with legal counsel.

Moving Forward

Clear communications for both internal and external audiences is a vital part of any crisis management plan, and should include what the company will do to prevent such an issue from reoccurring. It should also explain what is being done to mitigate the consequences of the crisis moving forward. Chin up — Market Mentors is here to help — it is in moments of crisis that we really know who we are and what we’re capable of.