Not Your Average Intern

Alex, Kelly, Amanda and Caroline folding t-shirts for the Pink Day event

Alex Constantine, Intern

We have all seen movies and heard the stories about the nerdy intern who serves as a slave to their boss. This stereotypical intern starts their day getting coffee, breakfast, dry cleaning, making copies, and whatever else their power abusing boss commands them to do including scheduling their day followed by a major overdose of unwarranted compliments and over courteous gestures. The days pile up with no real value (for the intern) making the experience a pointless disaster.

When I caught wind of an opening to be a public relations intern at Market Mentors I was curious about what the position might entail. Being a junior at Western New England University, I knew it was time to put on my man pants and make the most out of the opportunity staring me in the face. From the looks of it I was not getting myself into a stereotypical internship, so I carefully crafted a cover letter and resume and hit send.

In one week’s time, I have already learned so much from an exceptional team of dedicated professionals who strive  to reach a higher level of execution on a daily basis. I created my first media lists, completed various media scans, and made vital contributions to a print advertisement. I aim to further my journey as a Market Mentors intern in my quest to becoming successful in the field of marketing. Interning at a full service agency provides me with exposure to several different aspects of marketing beyond public relations, such as advertising, media buying, graphic design, event planning, strategic planning, and digital/online marketing.

Instead of always being given small tasks along the way, I expect to be pushed with full projects with a start and end date while receiving professional guidance from those around me. Being in an electrified agency setting allows me to have an open ear to my surroundings. Learning this way creates a wealth of information to be used in the immediate or distant future. I am a sponge being saturated with the daily activities of marketing professionals and expect to complete this internship with a solid understanding of the way they work.

I understand there will be some brutal mistakes coupled with sparks of genius along the way, but I say bring it. A “go getter” attitude is important and I wear it to the office on a daily basis. In the business world there are people who fall behind and people who fly ahead. With this internship I set my sights on flying ahead by gaining real world experience working at a full service agency. There is only so much that can be learned in the confines of a classroom. Vocabulary, theories, homework and exams are the runway necessary to take flight, and interning is where speed is picked up and liftoff commences. It is this attitude that will help me achieve my goal of creating a thirty second Super Bowl commercial within five years of graduating college.

I am fortunate to be in my current position and say bring it. Bring on the good, the bad and the ugly because this intern is here to stay.

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