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Our designers are busy coding away to make our blog visually pleasing and user friendly, while keeping our brand image consistent. Hey, that sounds like what we do for our clients! So, I suppose we can take a few minutes to make ourselves look good too, right? So keep an eye out for a new design scheme, hopefully coming this week!

Things are running smoothly with the Safe Kids Summer Event. Last year we had about 650 attendees, equaling out to about 250 families. In the upcoming days, we will be coordinating with sponsors and vendors, as well as with the MYChip guys to make sure they have all of their equipment ready to shoot videos of all the children, take their dental impressions and fingerprint! 94.7 WMAS is allowing listeners the chance to Crack the Code, a contest where listeners guess the 7-digit secret code to crack the safe and win $1,000 PLUS tickets to Mystic Aquarium. Visit their page to learn more about the contest! The last 2 digits will be given away at the Safety Event.

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