National Do Something Nice Day

Blog Contributor Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy, Account Coordinator

Office Manager Bonnie Rose with daughters Alanna and Alyssa showing off their homemade “Be Kind” signs

National Do Something Nice Day (NDSND) is on October 5th this year. It is exactly what it sounds like, a mandatory day to do at least one nice thing for someone else. You think, “that isn’t hard” but for some people it is and they need a nationally known day to do something kind for someone else. For those of us that do nice things on a daily basis, this is a reminder to go the extra mile.

At Market Mentors we thought it would be nice to supply readers with a few tips on how to celebrate National Do Something Nice Day.

Top 10 ways to celebrate NDSND:

  1. Give a Compliment – Go up to someone in the office and say “great job on that project” or “your new haircut looks nice.” Obviously do not lie, but if you like something about someone, let them know.
  2. Help Someone Out – You know a co-worker is swamped at work. Offer a helping hand to take a few things off their plate. Even if they decline, the gesture is always appreciated.
  3. Crack a Smile – Ok, no one is expecting you to bust out your high school pompoms, but be conscious of your body language. If you are more of a stoic or serious person, take this opportunity to show off those pearly whites – smile!
  4. Laugh – Smiling usually leads to laughter. Laughing can help you just as much as it can make someone else happy. You know what they say, “laughter is the best medicine.”
  5. Give Back – If donating or service work is not something you normally do, do it today.
  6. Be Polite – Just be nice. Plain and simple. Try not to swear, or talk over someone. Today can be a day where you test your manors to the max.
  7. Share – Do you have a bag of cookies in your desk or some yummy treats? Walk around the office and share it with colleagues. Or if you have a piece of advice (positive), feel free to spread the word today. Words of wisdom are always accepted.
  8. Read – If you got to this point you have already done something nice for me. Now please, keep reading to see what you can do for someone else.
  9. Email Signature – This is an easy way to do something nice. Instead of the boring name signature, spice it up. Add, “hope you have a great day” or “Do something nice! It is National Do Something Nice Day!”
  10. Celebrate – Need an excuse to have a party? Pick today. If you are at work, bring in some goodies or party hats and play a game. Enjoy the day!

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