Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is brilliant in its simplicity and benefits. Everyone wants a better world, a better environment, and they want the goodwill generated by the planning and execution of such plans. What many may not realize is CSR initiatives are frequently built into marketing plans through public relations. It really is that important.

Making a Difference

Who wouldn’t want to make a difference in the world? A CSR plan also sets a good example for others to follow. There is a ton of icing on this cake as your sense of responsibility to do good creates a win-win situation for everyone. You will make lives better, improve the community in which you operate and yes, you will attract customers and employees. The key here, is to approach Corporate Social Responsibility with honesty as it is now a matter of trust.

The Feel-Good Factor

People just feel better about doing business with a company that has a social and environmental conscience. The deed and the respect you garner for the effort will inspire other companies and individuals to engage in their own CSR. Customers will recognize such efforts when choosing where to spend their money and it is important to note employees make CSR a consideration when choosing where to work.

The Next Step

CSR makes sense for the future of your company. There are a number of places to focus your energies to make a difference for your community, society, or the environment. Options can include taking steps to reduce your firm’s carbon footprint or partnering with a worthy environmental organization. Of course, businesses may also underscore their social responsibility by donating to national and local charities. If infusions of funds are impractical for the near term, volunteering time and talent hit all the right notes in demonstrating sincerity and good will. Again, CSR is important enough to have a role in your public relations strategies and you can count on having the full benefit of our experience to help you choose wisely.