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Search and be found using Google AdWords

Susan Mirkin, Online Media Specialist

Who do you do turn to for advice these days? Your friends? Your therapist? Your wise and experienced 95-year-old grandmother? Should I keep guessing? I’m willing to bet that 9 times out of ten you consult a search engine like Google first. A question comes up, so you access Google via your smartphone, iPad or device of your preference, and upon typing in the topic of your interest, you are instantly shown a list of possible sources to explore for answers.

What you may or may not have realized is that the majority of the Google results that appear on your screen are paid advertisements that closely resemble the organic search results. Because these ads are targeted based on your search terms, the ads are usually relevant to what you are searching for and can often point you in a helpful direction.

Rather than cursing your inability to escape advertising, think about the benefits ads in Google search results could have for your business. You can (and should) use Google AdWords paid search ads to reach the people who need or want your product or service, at the precise instant that they are searching for information related to your product or service.

GoogleAdWords&GlossaryEven if your website already performs well in organic search results, there are benefits to running paid search ads. Ad copy can be tailored to include enticing information and key details that do not appear in organic search results, so you can feature specific products or include special limited-time offers. Additionally, your website may be listed first organically when users search the name of your company, but it may not appear when users search other terms related to your industry or products. Therefore, if you run paid search ads, opportunities for your company to be showcased in search results significantly increase.

And if you need even further convincing to start running Google AdWords paid search ads, consider your competition. Most likely, your competitors are using Google AdWords, and if they are not, this is a way to reach an audience they are missing. So what are you waiting for?

If you are unsure where to begin, contact Market Mentors. We will build a search advertising campaign based on your desired targeting. Once campaigns have been established, we monitor ad performance daily to evaluate ad views, clicks, cost and more — then optimize campaigns accordingly to ensure your objectives are being met. Learn more about Google AdWords here.



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