How to Win Games and Influence People

Jadyn Smith

Jadyn Smith, Account Coordinator

The world cup is in full swing and full of excitement. Surprising comebacks, inspiring underdog performances, and of course, the usual suspects. As the popularity of soccer in America grows so does our understanding of how the game is played, what it takes to win and what makes a remarkable team. In this way, advertising and the World Cup have a lot in common.

The World Cup is a collection of the finest teams in the world all vying for the one spot on top, your advertising campaign is no different. Marketing agencies around the world all compete to be the best, the smartest, the funniest, all in hopes of positioning your brand at the very top. The competition is fierce and not everyone can win. Fortunately, advertising is not a winner take all game. Ideally we all want our clients to emerge victorious but often two brands can occupy the same space successfully.


Jadyn himself!

Advertising, like soccer, is a game of finesse. While some commercials are abrasive and aggressive, truly successful campaigns must be nuanced in order to succeed. It is not merely enough to run at the opposing team full force for 90 minutes (plus stoppage time), you need to have a plan and you need to stick to it. Successful teams have patience and foresight. Many soccer games are won by one point, a very close margin, and it is often the team that had the most grace that wins the game. Not every shot on goal is a rocket from inside the box, many goals are soft touches and heel-flicks set up 60 yards away that come to fruition at precisely the right place and exactly the right time. Robin Van Persie’s flying header against reigning champs Spain is a prime example. While we may not be the Flying Dutchman, we do have the finesse and experience to score great goals in high pressure situations.

In soccer, everyone on the field also has a role, a position specifically assigned to them that they are especially well suited to fill. You can’t have 11 people all trying to score, it’s too large a field to be found defenseless. There are defenders, mid-fielders, strikers, forwards, goalies, hybrids, all performing their assigned task in order to achieve a shared objective. An advertising agency functions in the same fashion, we all have our places and we all work together to accomplish one goal — winning. It is important in any organization to have clearly defined roles, responsibilities associated with those roles, and ways to gauge the effectiveness of the players.

The World Cup is also quite a long affair. A soccer game consists of 90 minutes of regulation time plus stoppage time (whatever amount of time the ball was not being played added onto the end, usually between two and five minutes each half). Should the score remain tied after regulation time, the game will go into overtime, two 15-minute halves. It takes endurance and perseverance to be able to remain competitive for that length of time. The two teams in the final will be playing their seventh games. While this may not immediately sound substantial, consider that it is seven games against the best teams in the world. There are no easy days or casual Fridays. It is guts and glory or go home, every game. Like advertising, it is not the team that starts off the strongest or plays the fastest that usually win, it’s the team that plays well for 90 minutes and then still has the skill, heart and energy to play hard in stoppage time and overtime. Soccer and advertising are not sprints, they demand a maintained presence and consistency that may be difficult for some to appreciate. Market Mentors has been serving our community for over 11 years with superior service and consistency.

Whether you’re playing in the most exciting game on earth, or you’re watching soccer, it’s paramount to understand what sets the successes apart from the failures:

  • Employing the best team possible, with people who know what’s expected of them
  • The wisdom to know where you need to go and what you need to do to get there
  • The stamina to play hard for the whole game while remaining composed and consistent

When you’re ready to advertise make sure you pick a team that exhibits the most essential qualities to put your team on top. If it’s your first time in the big game or you need to substitute your current players out, we’ve got the fresh legs you need. Our team is composed of world class players who have the skills and adaptability to ensure your success.