Marketing Collateral

Inspire your target audience to act and make a brand connection. Marketing collateral is both the physical materials such as brochures, direct mail pieces, and tradeshow displays, as well as the electronic materials, like web content, white papers, newsletters and videos. Collateral materials reinforce your message, reflecting the core values of your brand as they support sales and marketing.

The Message

Look through your existing marketing pieces (even business cards). You may find they are inconsistent with your brand message. Perhaps they are outdated or have been duplicated over time creating the possibility of errors and confusion that may do more harm than good. Do all of the items carry the same look and feel? Are they fulfilling their purpose? Whenever marketing collateral or communications from your company are presented to an audience, it should carry a consistent message about your company, a consistent look and feel to reinforce your brand. If it does not reinforce your brand, the collateral piece has lost value.

Good News Travels

Collateral material keeps your messaging intact as it travels through your customer’s decision-making process and becomes integral to the sales cycle. These materials should fill a specific need, supplementing marketing and sales initiatives. This could include a brochure to leave behind following a sales call or to keep handy at a point of sale to support other products and services. Perhaps a blog posting or a white paper to strengthen your position as an authority is in order. Marketing collateral covers a wide array of materials that includes letterhead to vehicle wraps and websites to the sign over your door. The abundance of options to reach your audience is exciting.

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