Ad Design and visual communications at Market Mentors are the mission of graphic designers who bring together art and technology to convey your message. Express your ideas across traditional and digital mediums; engage and persuade your audience while you advance brand awareness.

Team Spirit

The creative team comes together to create a banner ad to draw your eye (and direct the user to click onto a landing page companion), a colorful print ad for a magazine or bold outdoor billboard to capture attention, or a poster to inform. You will find their work in a web graphic that supports your point, or a direct mail card with an urgent message. Artistry and strategy team up to engage and woo your audience with visually compelling ads as part of your marketing plan.

Details, Details

Your ad should elicit an emotional response. From the boldness of the font to the position of your logo, there is purpose in the details. Did you know small differences in color, contrast, or grading can affect your emotional reaction to a piece of design? Setting a tone or creating a mood especially through the use of color, impacts how the audience perceives elements within the ad. Thus, the ad designer puts all of the pieces together and leads the viewer in how to react to the imagery.

How the Sausage is Made

Designing the ad is where the left-brain dukes it out with the right-brain. Images and graphics placed to the left side of the ad are processed by the viewer’s brain, supposedly increasing something called your “processing fluency,” making your audience take in the ad message faster. The text and supporting material are placed to the right to appeal to the side of the brain that is in charge of the verbal and the logic to consume the message more readily. Got all that? You could take the psych exam or just give us a call. We got this.