Freshly Brewed: New England’s Favored Java Giant Updates Brand ID

Amanda Moyer

Amanda Moyer, Director of Account Services

The Boston Business Journal recently featured an article about the change in scenery we will soon be seeing at Dunkin Donuts (check out the photo gallery here). Gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable tables and chairs in piercing orange and purple. New England’s favored java giant has opted for an interior overhaul featuring modern couches and lighting as well as more soothing shades of burnt orange — you might actually want to sit and stay a while.

Each new and renovated location will be equipped with one of four design layouts, including digital menu boards, free Wi-Fi and convenient electrical outlets for charging mobile devices… BRILLIANT! DD has finally caught on to the idea that a coffee house isn’t just a place to stop on your morning commute, it’s a meeting place.

Although we are excited to have a new place to meet with our clients, there is another major takeaway from this story. At an agency we are constantly reminding clients that a brand ID needs to stay fresh and relevant. Even well-established brands need to keep a pulse on what is trending in the industry to avoid getting stale.


Boston Business Journal. June 18, 2013

When speaking of brand ID its important to think of your target audience; who is going to be in the market for my product or service?  You have to appeal to them but not discourage other demos in the process. Unsure how to go about this? Well, you’re in luck, we can help!

Watch out, Starbucks. We might just be looking at tabloid spreads of Justin Beiber et al. carrying a Dunkaccino® instead of the usual non-fat mocha frap.