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Well, hello blog world! This is our first Market Mentor’s post! Lots going on these days…

Our 2nd Annual Safe Kids Summer Event will take place next Saturday, July 24th 2010 from 9AM-NOON at the Basketball Hall of Fame. We have partnered with the MYChip program to provide children and their families with tools to help law enforcement authorities find and identify a lost or missing child. They will get their fingerprints and teeth imprints taken as well as record a video to use encase (God forbid!) they ever go missing. Besides all that negative (but useful) stuff, there will be a lot of fun things going on too! Clowns, firetrucks, K9 dogs, tattoos (temporary, of course) and a boatload more. It’s completely free, which has to be the best part.

Elizabeth actually was featured on Mass Appeal this morning to promote the event! If I could just figure out how to embed the video. I’ll get it, I know I will… Check out the interview here until I do!

We’ve also been working with AMICCON, which stands for Advanced Manufacturing & Innovation Competition and Conference. I know, I know, it’s a mouthful & may sound a little confusing, but just listen! The AMICCON continuum was founded in October 2009 as cluster-centric, spotlighting the region’s strengths in: Precision Machining, Plastics, Paper & Packaging, Electronics, Clean/Green Technology, and Medical Devices. AMICCON will introduce OEMs, procurement and government contractors to the region and manufacturers to each other. AMICCON’s vision is to expose and brand the region as the advanced manufacturing hub for the U.S. with expertise in exotics, nano, micro, short runs and high-end products, utilizing the latest technologies and innovation.

Just check out their website already!

Let’s see, what else? Lots of new business meetings, LOTS of focus on social media, and lots of fun. It’s always a productive, but entertaining week here at Market Mentors. From blow-up, over-sized bananas, to fake spiders showing up in coffee mugs and drawers, to ordering the best tasting but worst for you food on Friday’s (today’s lunch was from Bueno y Sano), it’s always a trip.

Have a great weekend – ’till next time!

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