Digital Embossing: The ‘Wow’ Effect

digital embossing example

Laura Stopa, Graphic Designer

As a designer for Market Mentors, I get to attend seminars from time to time that detail the latest developments in our field. We are always on the lookout for the next big thing to ‘wow’ our clients and their customers. One of the most exciting things we have been working with lately is Digital Embossing. It’s basically a UV coating that can be applied digitally to enhance your prints. This is big news and really cool stuff.

Digital embossing is a fairly new technology, and is a really good way to add eye-catching dimension and texture to your prints. It can be used to add textures to photos, graphics, text, etc. A really good example of using digital embossing to enhance a photo would be to add the texture of a basketball to a photo or illustration of a basketball. Then when the reader picks up the print to look at it, not only is it visibly textured, but also tacitly textured and raised, heightening the user-experience. You can use digital embossing in many different ways to really bring your prints to life. Here at Market Mentors, we used a similar process to create a direct mail piece that had a chameleon on the front with real texture overlapped to give it a three-dimensional quality.

Sidebar ColorSince digital embossing is different from offset printing, it’s best for short-run applications (anywhere between 1-1000 prints/job) and allows you more options to have your artwork stand out. I mean that literally, since digital embossing can be up to 250 microns high (0.25 mm). You can also utilize this technique at different densities depending on your need and preference. This gives you the option to really emphasize just specific parts of a print, or really have a texture come alive. The best part is digital embossing works with digital printing, offset printing, or laminated prints.

There’s a wide variety of applications that digital embossing can be applied to. Some good examples would be: direct mail, product packaging, posters, flyers, and business collateral including folders, brochures, business cards, etc. One of the reasons digital embossing is so versatile and works with short runs is because there’s no need to make plates or molds, or to use harsh chemicals. There’s also less time needed to produce the embossing digitally, and fewer materials overall are needed. Furthermore, less energy is used, and harmful chemicals and solvents are kept out of the environment.

Overall, digital embossing is a really cool way to polish off your latest promotional printed material. When I picked up the demo book handed out at a recent seminar the first page ‘wowed’ me. The stunning sheen and the super-raised texture caught me off guard. It really stands out and demands attention. It’s definitely something to think about if you’re planning on some new promotional materials.

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