Did You Know PR Can Make Your Company’s News Tomorrow’s Headline?

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Caroline Lee, PR Specialist

As we’ve said before, Public Relations (PR) is one of the best bargains in marketing communications. When a story about your business, products or services appears in newspapers or magazines or is featured on radio, television or the Internet, it’s free. There is no charge for the space or air time.

But how do you make your company news tomorrow’s headline? At the risk of sounding cheesy, who you gonna call? Market Mentors! Here are the top five reasons to consider a PR agency for PR services:

The Rolodex

PR professionals are in regular communication with news desks, journalists, editors, reporters and broadcast personalities, cultivating relationships they can leverage when you are ready to share your news. In addition, they likely subscribe to services that alert them to when the media is looking for a source or even services that provide contact information that lands your news in the inboxes of business, trade and local press. These services are mainly fee-based, which leads to the next point of discussion.

Talk is(n’t) Cheap

Although the news is free — the human resources it takes to generate the news isn’t free. That’s why it’s important to consider using a PR agency where you can set a budget, and have access to the right people when you need them… and not when you don’t.

Added Value

In addition, other agency capabilities like media buying and social media management can add strength to PR campaigns. For example, advertising in key publications where your news may be featured and sharing the news across social platforms, maximizes the visibility of the news creating serious buzz.

Fresh Perspective

Using a PR agency for PR (or other marketing and advertising needs) brings new ideas to the table. Concepts and story boards can get stale after a while, so it’s nice to get a fresh perspective.


There are two sides the “credibility coin,” with regards public relations. It takes time to nurture relationships with members of the media, and a good PR agency has already established themselves as a credible source with your media targets. The other side of this coin is that PR coverage adds credibility to your message; you can say you’re the best, but it really resonates when someone else says so, too.