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A Case for Case Studies

We make a case for case studies in this blog

You know your product or service can relieve a pain point for your customers, but how do you convince them? You have lots of options—traditional and digital advertising, mailers, social media, press coverage—but there’s one alternative many don’t consider. Here, we make a case for case studies, an incredibly flexible and effective tool in your communications shed.

Case Study Components

On its surface, a case study is pretty simple. It’s a true story comprised of a problem, solution and outcome. But dig a little deeper and you can see that it flips traditional messaging on its head. It allows you to put yourself in your customer’s position, and allows them to see for themselves the solution to their challenge that you provide.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. First, we describe a real challenge faced by one of your customers. This allows others to connect and relate, having experienced similar situations themselves.
  2. Next, we explain how you assessed the problem and provided the fix. Here, we can showcase what sets you apart from the competition and demonstrate the superiority of your solution.
  3. Finally, we tout the results. This is the big finish, where we show how you alleviated your customer’s pain point as specifically as possible, highlighting any savings achieved in time, money or other metrics. Your audience is left musing whether they will see similar results when they use your product or service.

When possible, we’ll let your successful customer tell part of the story in their own words, adding the authenticity of a first-person testimonial to the case study. We’ll then make sure the story is visually appealing, with images, video, charts or infographics.

A Flexible Tool

Beyond their simplicity, case studies are also flexible. We can create them in print or video formats. We can add them to your website and lead potential customers to them through organic or paid social posts or eblasts. You can include print versions in sales packets or send them electronically as follow-ups to leads in your pipeline. We can repurpose them as press releases for industry publications. We make sure we wring every drop of potential from our efforts on your behalf.

Case studies are not appropriate for every product or service, but they can be invaluable for many. Now that we’ve made a case for case studies, contact us to see if our content experts can put them to work for you.