Coincidence or Truth in Advertising?

Jon Shrair

Jon Shrair, Director of Business Development

I had lunch with a client the other day. She’s the Administrator for a Care at Home agency in Holyoke. Her job, as she describes it is to make sure her clients have the appropriate and qualified staff caring for them, but even more importantly, that they have an aide who is also compatible with them. She’s a modern-day matchmaker.

So it wasn’t surprising to me that she was frantic that day on the phone, going back and forth between calls and email. I figured it was just another busy time which is not unusual.

When there was finally a break I asked her, “what’s going on, is everything okay?” It turns out that she saw on Facebook a few hours earlier that a Great Dane puppy was about to get the chair if not adopted. In between filling needs for work, she went to work on this. Before lunch was over the dog had been placed at a farm in Belchertown, MA.

Dog photo_053113Why did I find this interesting?

Market Mentors is in the midst of developing a new advertising campaign for this company. It’s predicated on the philosophy on which the founder created the company 25 years ago, and still drives its mission today. Advertising will be launching within the next few weeks.

We live in a world where companies too often make advertising promises that lack truth or real tangible proof. They don’t always take into consideration a company’s true identity but rather the face the company wants us to see, especially in a category like home-care. So to be sitting at lunch watching this woman bring to life the exact message of the new advertising campaign, in between bites of her salad, was incredibly cool to me. It was proof that this was a company who not only embraced its stated philosophy, but also fully integrated it throughout their company right down to its hiring practices, which seek out people like this with a genuine desire and drive to help make someone’s life better at all costs.

It doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a culture created by design and a belief of how business should be done. And, it makes for great advertising. Hats off to you!