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How Social Media Is Reshaping Public Relations

With a global usership in the billions, social media has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Its influence is simply too large to ignore. Here we discuss five ways social media has affected the public relations industry and why PR professionals need to jump on board with the latest trends.

Blog Contributor Amanda Moyer

A Refresher Course in Customer Online Reviews

You may have read our blog about online reputation management back in 2014, since it has been a few years we thought a refresher blog was needed. In the digital era, a review online can be very impactful to both businesses and customers. These reviews not only influence the ways in which business owners manage their staff, but also which businesses a customer chooses to support.

What the new reaction feature on Facebook means for businesses

Have you noticed the new reaction button on Facebook? Chances are you have! If not, this is the set of six emoji’s that sit alongside the original “like” button. Users can quickly respond with love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger. This gives users the ability to respond to posts and ads with different reactions beyond the like button, but isn’t quite as bold as creating a dislike button, which is why these were created.

Banks and financial institutions using social media

Recently, we gave a presentation to a local bank in Springfield, Massachusetts on the reasons why they should be utilizing the web to interact with their customers, current and potential.  Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs are the 3 mediums we chose to focus on.  Banks have been scared of social networking, as their privacy is a major concern. But social networking is what you make of it, and YOU choose the information you want to share. It is trackable, two-sided, flexible... Read More