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PR 101: Composition Of A Press Release (Infographic)

PR 101 press release

Who, What, Where, When & Why: Here’s the How

Public relations is a key component of a robust marketing strategy, and in PR 101, the press release is its star. Successful public relations results in earned media, which boosts your brand’s credibility and garners attention.

The 411 on PR 101

This infographic shows what goes into a press release:

Beyond the Basics: Where We Add Value

Of course, knowing what to include in a press release is only half the battle. You also must make sure it’s newsworthy, compelling and offers information of value to the reader. Technical details matter, too, like proper grammar, spelling and following AP Style.

Beyond that, you’ll want to make sure your press release gets into the right hands, so it gets in front of the right eyes. We use a variety of distribution channels and follow up with vigorous pitching. Our strong relationships with media, developed over the past 15 years, aid these efforts.

Whether you need a one-off press release for a big event or breaking news, or a comprehensive public relations campaign to grow your brand, contact us to get the job done.