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Media Buying Services: Refine Your Reach Right

Would a 30-second commercial during the Final Four be worth your precious ad dollars? Are your potential customers watching Vanderpump Rules? Would your jingle jibe with an easy listening lineup? Or, in a world of explosive digital media, should you tune out broadcast altogether?

In most cases, the singular answer is this: It depends. Clearly, not very helpful. What is helpful? Leaving the complexities of media buying to the experts who know them, inside and out.

Media Buying: An Art and a Science

When you hear that familiar radio commercial, or a clever online banner ad catches your eye, you know it didn’t turn up by accident. So, what’s its backstory? If the advertiser was wise, plenty of research, strategy and well-seasoned savvy went into that ad’s placement. Hopefully, the advertiser relied on a reputable, regional pro to ensure the marketing message’s optimal performance.

A solid, innovative advertising campaign represents only half the battle. For the full win, you need to reach your intended audience, and in just the right ways. Working with Market Mentors gives you every advantage in the realm of media buying. We invest in the appropriate research data and tools to drive our decisions and negotiations on your behalf.

When determining how, when and where to buy media for a given campaign, we begin with the end game: your marketing goals. For example, is the campaign relevant mainly to parents? Women of a certain age? Young men considering college? Or, could it appeal to nearly anyone living within a certain geographical area? Once your target audience is identified, where are you most likely to find it?

Then, there’s the matter of pacing; would a continuous campaign make sense, or should you plan a series of single, well-timed blasts? Believe it or not, the answers here are sometimes surprising. Basing execution decisions on anything other than well-researched findings backed by red-hot data can prove regrettable.

The Tried, True and Nontraditional

Everyone knows that social media and other digital platforms have revolutionized advertising. It’s a good thing—provided you don’t lose sight of tradition in the thrill of the digital chase. The key to effective media buying is to maintain balance; there’s a lot of opportunity out there, and it’s important to realize that the latest isn’t automatically the greatest.

Our commitment is to make the absolute best use of your budget through a well-executed, integrated campaign. In just the right measures, we combine the most appropriate of today’s strategies with the best of the timeless ones.

Market Mentors is a Google Certified Partner and the only agency in our market to invest in Nielsen Television and Audio ratings, among others, to guide our decisions. Performance reporting and analytics provide us with the facts to make media plans more efficient, delivering a better ROI. This allows us to customize media plan strategies and executions specifically for your campaign.

Best of all, determining ideal placement of your marketing message is just the beginning. Our media buying services also include negotiating cost and added value, as well as tracking and analyzing your media investment.

No one offers a more tenacious or better-equipped team to craft your campaign and maximize your media plan. Evening news or Facebook newsfeed, we’ll put your business where it needs to be. Let us help you partner efficiencies and put your advertising to work.